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ThermalStop® is a closed-cell, spray-in-place polyurethane foam (SPF insulation) seamless insulation system which can be used in general construction applications such as storage tanks, metal buildings, sewage digesters, and similar structures. The use of ThermalStop spray foam insulation in commercial and industrial applications is limited only by the imagination of the specifier.

ThermalStop spray foam insulation preserves optimal temperature in whatever structure it is applied while providing an energy-efficient economical solution to the most challenging insulation environments.

Additionally, this superior insulation provides an air barrier, a water barrier, and a moisture vapor retarder, thereby eliminating the need for additional products and labor to accomplish the performance level necessary in most applications.

ThermalStop has an R-value of over 6.0 per inch. Additional thickness can be installed to meet your insulation requirements. And even though this spray foam insulation system typically weighs less than one pound per square foot, ThermalStop resists water penetration.

As a FEMA Class 5 Flood Resistant Material, ThermalStop spray foam insulation can be applied to exterior walls with one or more layers of elastomeric coating EnduraTech® to provide UV protection or to interior walls with a thermal barrier as required by local building codes.

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