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Making the case for Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation (SPF insulation) can be challenging if you only look at the price tag when you and your builder or architect review the costs of building your new home. The problem is that on first glance, spray foam insulation systems might appear to cost more. The true cost of your insulation system, however, won't really show itself until the house is built and the first energy bill arrives.

In addition to significant energy savings, thanks to the higher performance at stopping energy loss from heat transfer, spray-in-place insulation systems are a better choice than traditional insulation systems for the following reasons:

NCFI's spray-in-place insulation systems are made from renewable agricultural resources.
Seals out airborne pollutants and odors that can seep into your family's living areas after our SPF insulation systems are installed.
InsulStar® and Sealite™ spray foam insulation systems provide an excellent air barrier, sealing the walls, ceiling, attic and floor of your home. Glass fiber batts will not stop air leakage (it might filter out some dirt and dust); blown-in cellulose will slow down air leakage; but spray foam insulation will stop air leakage completely.
Spray foam insulation won't sag, shrink or pull away from your walls, Ever. It never needs to be replaced or "freshened up" thanks to its durable nature. Glass fiber batts can sag over time; blown-in cellulose can settle over time: both situations leave sections uninsulated and you'll feel colder because of it. Spray polyurethane insulation completely adheres to wood and sheathing and is rigid; the result is a permanent barrier to heat loss and air entry.
Spray polyurethane insulation will add strength and rigidity to your house. Fiber-based insulations will not.

So, before you specify a particular insulation based on a simple price tag for your new home, consider the long-term savings and energy efficiencies provided only by spray foam insulation, like InsulStar® and Sealite™ SPF insulation systems.

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