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Sealite™ spray-in-place open cell foam insulation is an excellent choice for new construction or for renovating older homes. NCFI’s advanced Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation (SPF insulation) technology will increase the value, life, and overall comfort of your home, so be sure to specify NCFI’s Sealite™ when talking with your builder, remodeler, or architect. You’ll quickly see value added to your home and the money-saving energy efficiency Sealite™ provides.

Saving Money and Energy From Day One
The day you choose Sealite™ spray-in-place foam insulation is the day you can look forward to lower monthly energy bills. Sealite™ SPF insulation keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter because it doesn’t allow air flow through your home’s walls or ceiling. In fact, homeowners who chose Sealite™ report that they were able to install smaller heating and cooling units for their homes – an added savings perhaps not expected on Day One.

Sealite™ SPF insulation technology seals your home against air infiltration and the pollutants, pollen, and dust that could otherwise come inside through fiber-based insulations. Sealite™ even provides an invisible buffer from unwanted noise pollution, adding further to the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

How Does Sealite™ Spray-in-Place Insulation Work?
Sealite™ is a two-part liquid that is sprayed in place by specially trained and experienced GoldStar contractors. Our liquid mixture expands quickly to fill all gaps and voids in your home’s exterior walls. It cures to form a fully adhered, solid, monolithic cellular insulation envelope.

Where Can Sealite™ Be Used?
Sealite™ can conform to any shaped space, so your architect and builder can use it on every exterior surface of your home between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. By using Sealite™ spray-in-place foam insulation, your home will be protected inside an environmental envelope that maximizes your home’s energy performance and reduces external air infiltration. Plus, Sealite™ SPF will not shrink, sag, or settle, increasing your home’s structural integrity.

Want to Learn More about NCFI’s Sealite™ Spray Foam Insulation?
Want to Learn More about NCFI's Sealite™ Spray Foam Insulation?
Call NCFI at (866) 678-5283 (866-NSULATE) and an insulation specialist will answer your questions or Ask the Expert.

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